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Extended Side Angle

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle is a pose that awakens, extends, and strengthens your entire body. In addition to stretching, Extended Side Angle enables you to build endurance and stamina within your physical body, primarily in your legs.

Begin standing, with your feet together, at the top of your yoga mat. Step your left foot towards the back of your mat (about 1-3ft) and turn the toes on your right foot to the

Yoga-Extended Side Angle
Yoga-Extended Side Angle

front of the room, next turn your back foot towards the left side of your mat, and bring your back arch in line with your front heal. Bring action to your feet; press the four corners of your feet, the ball mount of your big and pinky toe and two points in the back of your heal, in to the ground. Bend your right knee and place your knee over your ankle, then bring your right forearm to your right thigh and, for now, place your left hand on your hip. With your elbows bent, bring your shoulders to your back and hug in. Hug your legs, belly, shoulders, towards the center of your body. Connecting back to essentially what is called our true north.

From this place in integration you may expand. Reach your bottom finger tips to a block or the earth, top arm to the sky. Repeat on your other side, begin with your left foot forward.

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