Yoga pose of the Week: Triangle Pose



By Elizabeth Vanderpool

Photo by Mark Vanderpool

Triangle pose creates long, beautiful lines in your arms, legs and torso.  It is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your spine and legs.

Triangle Pose
Triangle Pose

To take Trikonasana, begin with your arms stretched wide at shoulder height.  Spread your legs out. Line your feet up below your hands.  Point your right toes out and bring your back foot to a forty-five degree angle facing in. Ground down both feet and press through the outside edge of your left foot.  Keep you legs straight without locking your knee joints.  Activate the muscles of your legs.  With a long, straight torso, hinge at your hips and bring your right hand to the floor behind your right leg. Reach your left hand to the sky.  Create a straight line from your bottom to your top hand. Tuck your tailbone and bring the pit of your belly in and up.  Draw your shoulder blades together on your back and hug them into your spine.  Bring your gaze to the ceiling and take 3-4 deep breaths.  Return to standing and repeat on the other side with your left foot pointing outward and your left hand reaching for the floor.

To modify Trikonasana, place your bottom hand on your shin or a yoga block.  This allows you to keep your chest above your hips.  Maintain the straight lines of your legs, torso and arms.

To deepen Triangle Pose, slowly twist from the mid back and draw your chest toward the ceiling.  Twist for 3-4 breaths and then return to center.

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