Yoga pose of the week: High Plank



By Elizabeth Vanderpool

Photos by: Mark Vanderpool

High Plank is an energetic pose that strengthens the muscles of your arms and core. It was one of the foundation poses of a vinyasa (flow) practice.

High Plank pose
High Plank pose

Dandasana pose is very similar to the top of a push up.  Stack your shoulders directly over hands.  Spread your fingers out wide with your index fingers facing the front of your mat.  Place your feet hip-width apart at the back of your mat.  Press down through the balls of your feet and press back through your heels.  Squeeze the muscles of your legs into the bone and hug your outer shins toward one another. Keep both legs straight and activated.  Tuck your tailbone and pull the pit of your belly in and up.   Draw your shoulder blades onto your back.  Create a straight line from your heels to the crown of your head.  Find a gaze point (Drishti) about ten inches in front of your hands.  Breathe!

If you are still building upper body strength, this pose can be modified by bringing your knees to your mat.  The alignment stays the same; maintain a straight line from your knees to the crown of your head.

To add a greater challenge in Dandasana, lift one of your straight legs off the mat and hold it there for three or four breaths. Repeat on the other side.

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