Yacht Club at the Beaufort Water Festival

Be a part of the “Yachtie” phenomenon

By Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer


Lights … camera … action in Beaufort!  Have you ever wanted to be the star in a movie? Ever had the dream of acting, but just didn’t know how you’d ever make it to Hollywood for your one big shot?  Well, no need to save money for the flight to Cali or acting lessons. Your dream is coming to you.

This Water Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to shoot a casting video for an upcoming comedy that will be filmed here in the Lowcountry, “Yacht Club,” written by Bluffton local Stephen Cross. But, “Yacht Club” is so much more than a movie!

Imagine the world’s largest virtual Yacht Club, where memberships are inexpensive yet exclusive and all those affiliated with the private club and had only one requirement: You must know how to have fun.

And Cross wants members of this virtual Yacht Club to be familiar with boating, whether they have boats, live near boats, cater to boaters or just like boats and the laid-back demeanor of a coastal town — like Beaufort.

So Cross is launching his search for local talent here at the 56th Annual Beaufort Water Festival. He will travel to all major boat shows and events around the country in cities like Miami, Fla., Newport, R.I., and San Diego, Ca., for the next year looking for 26 special people to star in “Yacht Club,” to be released in Spring of 2013. There will be 28 speaking roles total, but two cameos are reserved for famous actors who have big box office appeal and have followings that insure lucrative “after theatrical release” profitability. The casting promotion searching for the other 26 roles will be intended for people like you and me, normal folk who live near the water, have a little old salt in their blood and enjoy the occasional fish or sailing story with a Dark and Stormy.

We all know how much fun people have on or near the water, and, at the “Yacht Club,” there is no exception. The storyline begins with a rich young man from a distinguished yachting family who has enjoyed the good life. He embraces and supports his three new college roommates who are unlikely candidates for success. They come from non-boating locations and backgrounds, but because of his encouragement and friendship, they are introduced to the yacht club lifestyle. The commonalities of boating and genuine friendships create the basis for a lifetime of fun at the yacht club (not to mention the trouble they get into along the way).

There are many roles to cast for and hundreds of extras, including the handsome rich young man who goes off to college and is introduced to his three roommates who are from opposite social and economic backgrounds. There will be a young Afro-American from the inner city (hopefully we can find the next Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy), a young Latino man to play the part of a college student from the land-locked country of Bolivia (he’s never seen a yacht, let alone been on one) and an Iowa farm boy, who has only ridden on tractors his whole life (he’s quiet, but a real hell raiser when he is introduced to the good life).

The supporting cast will consist of different types of people who belong to the Yacht Club and work there. Producers will look for beautiful young women who enjoy boating — the “Hottie Yachties” — for the party scenes. There is the beautiful mother of the main character, along with his rich, sophisticated father and The Commodore of the Yacht Club. There are many supporting roles for extras. A real yacht club usually has lots of characters. Promoters are looking for those “characters “to star in the movie.

The entire process will be filmed for a possible reality television show, “The Casting Call,” due to the popularity of this type of media and the desire for amateur performers to have their “moment of fame.”

So, membership certainly has its privileges. All members will enjoy the planned activities of the “World’s Largest Virtual Yacht Club.” These will include the opportunity to participate in the casting and production of the feature comedy motion picture, “Yacht Club,” plus helping create the largest Yacht Club in the world. As the club grows, unique events will be planned to encourage members to enjoy boating of any type, whether someone is just getting started or they are experienced offshore yachtsmen.

As the “club” grows, corporate marketing partners will sponsor special events and provide members with promotions and activities that will enhance their boating experience. With rank there comes exclusive benefits and privileges, so please select carefully. Whatever you decide, the “Yacht Club” is happy to have you as a member.

Stephen Cross not only wrote the screenplay, but is also the Chairman and Commodore of Yacht Club.  He has an energy that is contagious. He is more excited about the journey than the final product. He wants to surround himself with people similar to his way of life, not necessarily social or economic class, just people with the like-minded spirit of boaters, which by the way, there are 66 million of in the U.S. alone.

Outside influence would like to film the comedy in other locations around the country, but Cross is steadfast about shooting the movie here, in the Lowcountry, a place where he says, “embraces boating.”

Cross wants to make a movie, yes; but he wants to build a company and share a way of life too. Don’t worry if you can’t sing or act. Just come out and learn what “Yacht Club” is all about. Be a part of the “Yachtie” phenomenon.



Crew Member Dues $50

Here is an opportunity for someone who wishes to chase a dream and to have the opportunity to audition for the feature comedy motion picture, “Yacht Club”. For the casting process to begin, please download a picture of yourself along with a video (limited to 3 minutes). Include any comedy boating experiences you feel would make a great scene in the movie. For more membership ranks, please visit www.yachtclubmovie.com.

Once you are a member, “Yacht Club” will email you a more detailed personal data form, which provides more information needed for the casting process. You will receive the signature “Yacht Club” hat with an embroidered “The-Casting-Call.com” back panel, which will be evidence that you are not only a member of the “World’s Largest Virtual Yacht Club”, but that you casted for one of the roles. The only way to take ownership of this special souvenir hat is to try out for one of the many speaking parts and the hundreds of extras that will be needed. Other hats can be purchased in our Chandlery (Store), but no additional “Casting” souvenir hats will be sold retail.  This makes it a very exclusive collector’s item. Wearing your hat is evidence that you are in fact a potential star. With this membership, you will also receive a ‘Yachtie” bracelet and an “I’m a Yachtie” bumper sticker and a “World’s Largest Virtual Yacht Club” membership card.


Help a Charity

The color of your hat will ensure proceeds will go to the charity of your choice

Hat color:

White: ALS (Lou Gerigs Disease Research)

Red: American Red Cross

Navy Blue: Parkinson’s Disease Research

Royal Blue: Marine Related Charities (handicapped boating programs)

Khaki: Hospice Care

Pink: Breast Cancer Research

Yellow: St. Jude’s Children Hospital



The casting tent for Yacht Club will be located across from the Best Western on Bay Street in Freedom Park during the first and second weekends of Water Festival, July 15-17 and July 22-24. They will be taking all photos and videos in the tent once you’ve purchased membership to Yacht Club. Those interested in being cast are encouraged to bring boating stories, a funny boating joke, an original song with a boating theme, a favorite recipe that you serve on your boat, your favorite cocktail on a boat — anything boating related to convey on video.


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