Why can’t I …?

By Martha O’Regan
Lose weight? Get a job? Find a partner? Get along with my partner? Get out of debt? You get the idea. Fill in the blank with your greatest challenge these days. You are working so hard at trying, trying, trying and nothing changes. Now you are frustrated but continue to try harder. Sound familiar? Or, is it just me?
We all go through times in our lives where everything is going along just great, basically pulling us along on a joyful ride where the kids are happy, money is flowing, the body is healthy,  and we are living a vibrant life.  Then one day, we realize it just isn’t there and we find ourselves going through the motions with our “game face” on, forgetting what it even felt like when all was going well.  Maybe we hear ourselves say “I’m just so tired,” “I dread going to work” or “my spouse or my kids are making me crazy, we just can’t get along.” We wake up and realize passion has somehow drained out of our existence to be replaced with annoyance, fear and upset. The good news is we wake up!  Once we realize that we have lost the energy of passion within, we can begin to create it again, by choice, then feel what begins to unfold.
The first step is to quit trying or working so hard at making something happen. Stop trying to “figure out” how to change something, and start allowing it to occur in its Divine Perfection. Life is going to unfold the way it is designed anyway, so rather than create resistance to it, create attraction to it.
What I mean by design is that we everything that occurs is based on what we are putting out there, based on fundamental universal laws, as an individual, an organization, society and culture. We are all familiar with the power of prayer and how collectively it increases exponentially and we see miracles occur. That same power is available to us outside of church and prayer chains 24/7/365. It is how it is designed. When I heard that all thoughts are basically silent prayers and all prayers are answered in the energy in which it is stated, it made me think about how I was both thinking and praying. By focusing on gratitude for Divine healing, inspiration and abundance, I quit “trying” to make things happen but rather trusted that all will unfold the way it is intended to.
As a society, fear and judgment are ingrained in our day to day, through the media, the economy, education, etc. thus attracting more things to fear and to judge as either right or wrong, good or bad, etc., keeping us stuck in negative energy patterns. Think about it for a minute and see where this is true in your life. I turned off the news years ago because I realized I couldn’t change all the bad things that were happening out there in the world and I didn’t need to experience the fear and upset that goes along with it on a daily basis.
What can you change in your day to day to begin to shift the focus within back to love, peace, joy, kindness and most importantly passion, so you can begin to experience all the things you “can” do? Live Well … Have Fun.

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