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Here is a list of the candidates who filed to run as of Wednesday, March 30, the close of filing for statewide, for district and local offices that affect Beaufort County:

Governor and Lt. Governor

Jokie Beckett Jr. (Independence)

Carlton Boyd (Democrat)

Michael Copland (Independence)

Joe Cunningham (Democrat)

Mia McLeod (Democrat)

Henry McMaster (Republican)

Calvin CJ Mack McMillan (Democrat)

Harrison Musselwhite (Republican)

Bruce Reeves (Libertarian)

Mindy Steele (Republican)

Gary Votour (Labor)

William H. Williams (Democrat)

Secretary of State

Keith Blandford (Republican)

Rosemounda Peggy Butler (Democrat)

Mark Hammond (Republican)

State Treasurer

Curtis Loftis (Republican)

Sarah Work (Alliance)

Attorney General

Lauren Martel (Republican)

Alan Wilson (Republican)

Comptroller General

Richard Eckstrom (Republican)

State Superintendent of Education

Travis Bedson (Republican)

Gary Burgess (Democrat)

Bryan Chapman (Republican)

Cindy Coats (Republican)

Lisa Ellis (Democrat)

Sheri Few (Republican)

Kizzi Gibson (Republican)

Jerry Govan (Democrat)

Lynda Leventis-Wells (Republican)

Kathy Maness (Republican)

Patricia Mickel (Green)

Ellen Weaver (Republican)

Commissioner of Agriculture

Bill Bledsoe (Constitution)

Bill Bledsoe (Republican)

David Edmund (Green)

Chris Nelums (United Citizens)

Bob Rozier (Republican)

Hugh Weathers (Republican)

U.S. Senate

Catherne Fleming Bruce (Democrat)

Angela Geter (Democrat)

Krystle Matthews (Democrat)

Tim Scott (Republican)

U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District

Annie Andrews (Democrat)

Katie Arrington (Republican)

Lucas Devan Faulk (Labor)

Nancy Mace (Republican)

Joseph Oddo (Alliance)

Lynz Piper-Loomis (Republican)

State House of Representatives, District 118

Bill Herbkersman (Republican)

State House of Representatives, District 120

Weston Newton (Republican)

State House of Representatives, District 121

Marvin Lamar Bowens (Democrat)

Eric Erickson (Republican)

Michael Rivers Sr. (Democrat)

Timothy Swain (Republican)

State House of Representatives, District 122

Bill hager (Republican)

Shedron Williams (Democrat)

State House of Representatives, District 123

Jeff Bradley (Republican)

State House of Representatives, District 124

Shannon Erickson (Republican)

Barb Nash (Democrat)

Beaufort County Sheriff

P.J. Tanner (Republican)

JoJo Woodward (Republican)

Beaufort County Probate Judge

Heather Galvin (Republican)

Beaufort County Auditor

David Cadd (Republican)

Willie Turral (Republican)

Beaufort County Treasurer

Maria Walls (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 2

David Bartholomew (Republican)

Marilyn Harris (Democrat)

Paul Sommerville (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 4

Alice Howard (Republican)

Ashley McElveen (Republican)

Josh Scallate (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 5

Joseph Passiment (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 6

Micahel Covert (Republican)

Alphonso Small Jr. (Democrat)

Tab Tabernik (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 8

Paula Brown (Republican)

John Zmarzly (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 9

Mark Lawson (Republican)

Shellie West Hodges (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 10

Larry McElynn (Republican)

Beaufort County Council, District 11

Cathy McClellan (Democrat)

Tommy Reitz (Republican)

Stu Rodman (Republican)

Beaufort County Board of Education, District 2

Terry Thomas

Beaufort County Board of Education, District 4

Richard Geier

Beaufort County Board of Education, District 7

Tommy Broderick

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