What’s hot … and what’s not

By Takiya Smith

Recently, I happened to come across an article by Allure magazine, stating what is now considered to be “outdated” when it comes to beauty. The article was written from a pretty accurate point of view, however, all things considered, beauty really always boils down to matter of opinion as well. I thought it was a fun read and want to share its findings with you.

According to sources, there are 14 beauty “don’ts” that we ladies should take into consideration, some of which I thought should actually be “snatched” and not just “taken.” The one beauty “don’t” that stood out to me was French manicures. Now, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I wear a French mani at all times or that I personally think a French manicure, on anyone, is clean, effortless, classic and time saving. I will have to disagree with this beauty don’t being added and seek counsel to have it stricken and removed from record.

Now, I must add, which brings me to the next “don’t” on this list, that if your nails are more than a quarter of an inch long, a French mani, some nail bling or some crackle polish just will not make any of your looks hot! Ladylike lengths are suitable and feminine but there comes a time, particularly when your nails begin to curve like claws, that ladies should consider cutting back.

Another focal point of discussion was thick, heavy hand drawn brows. Given the fact that I have wrote endless columns on this topic and even offer the service at my salon, I don’t think we should have this problem in Beaufort County, should we ladies? As a reminder, brows come in all shapes, thicknesses and even style of design, but wear a look that is suitable for your facial shape. The look should be natural, not heavy and can be achieved with the use of powders, liners and even concealer.

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