What radio station are you dialed into?

By Martha O’Regan

What radio station are you dialed into, and, I don’t mean the one in your car or at work, but your personal radio station, the one that is constantly vibrating within you, the one that you resonate with. We know that everything in all of creation is energy, there are no exceptions. When we take that one step further we can say that everything is actually a vibration or a frequency, and that means everything, including our own body and responses to life.

We’ll go back to our car for a moment.  When we turn our dial on a particular radio station, we only tune into what is coming through because we have set it vibrate at the same frequency due to the signal being released from the various radio towers.  Now, as we get further away from that tower, we may hear another station begin to overlap into our dialed in station. This is known as the Universal Law of Resonance stating that when two frequencies are present, the stronger of the two will override. That happens with each of us every minute of every day. OK, so what does that mean?

When I heard the statement that no one can make me angry but that they can activate anger in me, it didn’t make much sense. Now, with the law of resonance, I am beginning to get it. In a room with several guitars, if someone were to pluck the G string, the other guitars would begin to vibrate on the same frequency since it was the strongest vibration in the room. Since we are each a symphony of vibrations within our bodies and memory fields based on all of our life experiences, when someone in our field says or does something, a like or stronger vibration will become activated. This can explain why misunderstandings occur. Someone says something seemingly benign but, based on the frequency of the recipient’s personal radio station, a stronger vibration will get plucked and without warning, frustration or anger shows up, activating upset in the other person with “oh my gosh, all I said was …” or “all I meant was …” I think we’ve all experienced the song that gets sung from there, or is it just me?

So, we’ve heard from the Law of Attraction that we create what we think about. Well, actually what shows up is what we vibrate. If we set our intentions for a life of peace and joy, but are vibrating in worry and fear by watching the news or constantly sharing our doubts, frustrations and worries about the economy, our family, etc.  then we will attract more experiences to activate worry and fear. Our first step is to turn off the news, stop sharing our victim stories and gossip, and surround ourselves with positive people, enjoyable music, nature and things that just feel good to us. When we feel an activation of upset, rather than growling back with our automatic reaction, check in to the area of your body where you feel the upset and take a deep “chubby belly” breath with a heavy sigh out.  The old standby of counting to 10 works too. Just take a moment to tune into your personal radio station and the familiar song it wants to sing, then just visualize changing the dial to choose a different song with a different frequency. This moment to shift allows you to choose your response responsibly rather than your auto reaction, just because it is the familiar. This may be a challenge for some at first but with repetition it becomes easier then becomes a whole new radio station all together.

So, as the Beach Boys would say, here’s to “Picking up good vibrations!”

Live Well … Have Fun!

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