What are you plugged in to?


By Martha O’Regan
Have you truly wrapped your brain around the fact that we are electromagnetic beings? We are both electric (energy) and magnetic, yet we are humans, not robots or computers.  Our left brain wants to know what it sees and see what it knows so we want to see ourselves as physical structures, we want to keep it simple because it’s what we know.  While keeping it simple, let’s have a little fun with the electric aspect.
Think of yourself as a rechargeable battery that, provided you got a good nights’ sleep, is fully charged to begin each day.  You have wires that come off of you that are either sending or receiving energy, depending on what you are plugged into.
Think about the people in your life who are “sucking the life out of you” as well as the ones who are “charging you up.” Tune into how you regularly react — is frustration often draining you dry or do you get a boost from finding the good in most situations? What about the fuel you put into your body? Is your body using too much energy to digest large lunches or process multiple cups of coffee or are you nourishing it with healthy choices that are actually replenishing your resources?
Who are you choosing to listen to on a regular basis? Are they feeding your soul or just filling your head with nonsensical data? What about your thoughts — are they full of self-doubt, judgment or worry? Or, are they thoughts of joy and gratitude for even the little things in life?
So, what circuits are you choosing?  Are any in “overload” or just plain “blown”? Do you hear yourself say, “I am so tired,” “I am totally drained” or “I just don’t have any energy”? If so, tune into what you are plugged into and decide to unplug from the non-essential circuits. Instead of allowing someone or something to pull energy from you, just visualize yourself pulling the plug and thinking, “Nope, I’m not going to plug into that today.” Then, stay grounded (pun intended) — don’t plug it back in.  Instead, take a breath and think about plugging into something that cranks up your spirit.
As electromagnetic beings, we are designed to recharge from the earth’s electromagnetic fields.  Science now tells us that due to advancements of shoes, roads, cars, floors and second story bedrooms, we are not as “plugged in” to the earth as the countless generations before us.  We aren’t receiving the earth’s energy as those who walked the planet in bare feet or slept on the ground for thousands of years. Additionally, we as a society have been made to fear the sun and dirt, taking us further away from natural resources that our body thrives on.
We are now being encouraged to “earth,” to take our shoes off and walk in the grass, dirt, sand or surf for 15-30 minutes a day to recharge our battery.  Who would have thought the word earth would become a verb? Through personal experience, I will say that it works. If you hear yourself say, “I am so tired” and it’s only 2 in the afternoon, take your shoes off and head outside.  Walk or stand for as long your break will allow you — try for at least 10 minutes, then resume your day.  You may just be surprised. I know I was.
We’ll cover the “magnetic you” in the next article. Until then, stay charged! Live Well … Have Fun!

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