What a girl wants: Flawless skin versus perfect hair

By Takiya Smith
This week’s article stems from a Facebook discussion that arose from a personal dilemma of my own, in which I woke up late one morning and had no time to do both hair and makeup in order to be on time to school — beauty school, nonetheless. My normal morning routine of rising at 5 a.m. usually allows time for prayer, a brisk walk on my treadmill, shower, makeup and hair, all in that order.  However, this day in particular and for whatever reason, I had run short on time.  As I sat at my vanity, looking in the mirror and glancing over my shoulder at the clock ticking away, the million dollar question to myself was: “Do I apply flawless makeup and simply pull my hair into a ponytail? Or do I take the time to hot curl my hair with flowing, soft Kim Kardashian curls and skip the makeup?” After a moments thought, my personal choice was to go glam with full makeup and toss my hair into a low, shoulder gracing ponytail with side swept, swoop bangs.
Later that day, after receiving many compliments on how great my makeup looked, I decided to post the question on my Facebook page, just for fun. To my surprise, having hair done over makeup turned out to be the majority vote, and though I can not say that I agree, I will say that there is no right or wrong answer. As my panel of friends has made clear, to each her own regarding what makes you look and feel good. Beauty has always been and will always be a personal matter of the individual in which the act, attire or attitude is reflected. Beauty is a choice, a style and in a class all her own.
Kim N. makes a great point and said that she would rather have “Flawless hair and skin au naturale with some lip gloss! Hair is a women’s glory and as long as something is on the lips, no one will even notice …” While Brenda B. positively points out that, “ …If your makeup is right, your crazy hair will appear as if you’re making a statement. Check out a fashion runway model. Their hair can be standing all over their head, but they look great!”
What’s your personal style of choice? Find me on Facebook or visit my blog at www.blb-boutiques.com.

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