Weekend cracks on criminals

TWENTY DOLLAR KICKS: A male suspect was caught stealing a pair of $20 shoes last Friday from Walmart, assaulting two store employees in the process. He was observed by store security taking off his own shoes and replacing them with the stolen ones. When the store employees confronted the man about his fresh, stolen kicks, he tried to push past them and escape. (Were the knockoffs really worth it?)

MY, WHAT BIG SPEAKERS YOU HAVE: An adult and a 15-year-old pair of thieves were caught red-handed last Friday trying to sell stolen car audio parts at Sound Factory off Boundary Street. A customer in the store at the same time recognized the audio parts as items that were stolen from one of his family members. The customer asked the store employee to call the police. In what must have been a very uncomfortable situation, the employee confronted the suspects about their stolen goods. Caught in the lie, the suspects became “belligerent and caused a disturbance that spilled into the street.” The suspects were caught just in time. When officers arrived at the scene, the younger accomplice was found with two handguns in his possession.

TOUGH BRAKE: Already in the shop for repairs, a 1989 Jeep Wrangler sustained another $1,000 worth of body damage just by staying in a Zippy Lube overnight. When employees came to work at 7:30 in the morning, they found that the car had been moved and damaged. The suspect that attempted to steal the vehicle has not been identified.

TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE: What did Sonic and Panini’s have in common last Saturday night? Being a choice spot for a guy to take a leak.

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