Weekend Cracks on Criminals

THE VALUE MENU: According to incident reports, an employee was charged on Saturday for embezzlement. The case is still under investigation. What we do know is that a white collar crime was committed at a blue collar job: Wendy’s. The suspect put a new spin on corporate greed, sticking it to the man by embezzling…money?…burgers? It’s too early to say.
OUCH CHARLIE: On Saturday, a 10-year-old accidentally shot a 9-year-old with an airsoft gun near Mossy Oaks Elementary School. The report says that no injuries or criminal activity were involved in the playful airsoft gun shooting. Regardless, this incident was reported to Beaufort Police. Well, it must have really hurt! Give British Charlie a run on YouTube.

Compiled by Tess Malijenovsky. Crime Report items are chosen from the files of the Beaufort Police Department. Please contact the police with any insider information on these cases.

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