Weekend Cracks on Criminals

WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO: A 23-year-old man reported just before 5 p.m. that he was sleeping in his room with his 11-month-old daughter when a 51-year-old female acquaintance burst into the room and began hitting him. The reason behind this woman’s fury was over an exorbitant $20. To make matters worse for this man and child was the female’s 66-year-old husband who threatened them with a .45 caliber pistol. It makes you wonder if they were really his parents.

LAST ONE AT THE PARTY: Over the weekend, a woman was arrested after refusing to leave the bar at closing time. Police reported she was sitting on the floor, acting belligerently and threatening to fight employees and law enforcement officials. Following her arrest, she revealed that she had been assaulted with a razor blade by another woman earlier in the night. This is why one should never be the last at a party.

NOT ALL GEEKS WIN: A male subject was arrested at Walmart last week for stealing computer game related items. The man was caught when an employee of the establishment saw the subject shoving items into his pants. This geek had apparently run the gambit at Wally World as he has a prior trespassing offense at the store. I suppose we can close the book on all geeks ruling the world.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND: An officer was patrolling the area around the Gentry Woods apartments when he was viciously attack by a four-legged subject. Quick thinking by the officer led to the animal eventually being subdued by use of his taser. Eventually, Animal Control picked up the offender and carted him off. I feel bad for the pit bull.

Compiled by Tess Malijenovsky. Crime Report items are chosen from the files of the Beaufort Police Department. Please contact the police with any insider information on these cases.

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