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By Cherimie Crane Weatherford
Dear Victims of Abuse: You Are Hope
There are no words to adequately express the gratitude or support I wish to send you. You have somehow restored hope for the future of humanity. Through your undeniable courage, you accomplished what so few will ever understand. At your young age you displayed more bravery, more spirit, and more strength than an entire population. You are remarkable.
With a heavy heart I apologize to you, your family, and those that also suffered due to the blind eye of a morally bankrupt society; however, you must know those that who cheer for you would triple the capacity of a stadium that has celebrated the achievement of sport.  In every corner of the world you have fans that rise in support of a child who stands against a do nothing mantra of a world diseased with disgrace. You are hope.
I am sorry no one came to your rescue. I am sorry a world that created Superman and Wonder Woman couldn’t present you with the very basic of protection and respect. If it was within my power to visit your past and scream in defiance; no icon, no tradition, no human could have stopped me. There are people who would have been honored to show you the meaning of humanity amidst the monsters of menace.  You are safe.
May your courage continue to be celebrated, your strength an inspiration, and your refusal to continue the chain of silence be forever embraced. There is no reason, no justification for the suffering delivered to you at the hands of true abhorrence. There is no understanding of the failure to act, no pity for complacency, and no empathy for betrayal of innocence. Your ability to rise above your circumstance is a gift few will obtain. You are strength.
Ignore those who ignored the signs. Live, love, and laugh in the face of those who chose indifference. Wake each morning with the recognition of being a hero, a reminder of what it means to stand firm, an example of a powerful soul that will exceed in a world of weakness. Your scars will pale against the badge of honor you display. I send my sincerest gratitude to you, for standing against what is wrong in a tidal wave of mistrust. You are integrity.
To those who protest the fall of a legend over the rise of a hero; you are misguided. To those who protest a winning record or the welfare of a child; you are disgrace. To those who will cheer in support of those who failed to support the most precious of resource; you are out-numbered.  The truth is We are Sorry. We are Sorry.

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