By Cherimie Crane

Although there is speed, bravado, and crowds pouring through downtown streets, it isn’t quite Running of the Bulls. Prideful demonstrations of poetic patriotism abound; flags are flown, draped, and tattooed; yet it isn’t the Olympics. Incredible displays of valor and humility bring new meaning to horseshoes and croquet. Coerced captains of glorified gurneys travel at high speeds without plowing happy face-first into curbside congratulators.  Boat balancing beauties frolic from suntan oil slickened port to sand covered starboard. Rising temperatures, rising tides, even rising fuel costs can not discourage, disillusion, or distract from this summer phenomenon. It isn’t for the faint of heart, it isn’t for the fun-challenged, it is for the people of Beaufort, South Carolina … IT IS WATER FESTIVAL.

Dust off your flip flops and retire your frown. The sweet scent of sunscreen is in the air. Wear your raccoon eyes, tan lines, and T-shirts with pride. Grab a friend, grab a date and head downtown to enjoy all that is Beaufort. Polish the boat, stock the cooler, and post the schedule for daily review. It is Water Festival.

Artists come from all over to capture it. Environmentalists fiercely protect it. Fishermen value and respect it. We all love it; water. Salt water, fresh water, swamp water, it is our water. In the upcoming weeks it will be more than an enjoyable view during our daily commute, more than a weekend getaway. It is a way of life. Men, women and children will celebrate that which makes our piece of paradise, paradise. Families will gather, friends will reunite. It is Water Festival.

Place your worries aside, pack away your differences, and perfect your smile. It is time to watch the bed races, enjoy the Lowcountry supper, dance under the stars, meet old friends and make new ones. Whether you are an event attendee, a sandbar soldier, or a master people watcher, you will find your place at Beaufort Water Festival.




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