Virtual lecture ‘Duels in Beaufort District’ coming

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“Duels in Beaufort District,” an all-virtual lecture, opens the long-delayed Season 5 of the Beaufort History Museum-Beaufort County Library’s local history program series. The video will be available for viewing on the Beaufort County Library’s YouTube Channel (https://bit.ly/3AFw9Ce) beginning October 19.

Settling matters of honor according to accepted practice was an important part of being a gentleman in the 18th and 19th centuries. Viewers will learn about some of the little known duels held in Beaufort District, South Carolina from law enforcement professional and historian Neil Baxley.

A native of North Carolina, Baxley spent four years in the Marine Corps before joining the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department more than 35 years ago. In 2013, Col. Baxley was put in charge of Beaufort County’s Emergency Management Division.

In his spare time, Baxley studies and writes Civil War era history. He’s authored two Confederate regimental history books: No Prouder Fate: The Story of the 11th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (2005) and Walk in the Light: The Journey of the 10th and 19th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (2013). He’s presented popular lectures at the South Carolina Archives and area museums and libraries, including several over the past decade for the Beaufort County Library and Beaufort History Museum.

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