United Way campaign needs help to help families meet basic needs

A working mother of three came to United Way of the Lowcountry’s offices seeking emergency assistance to pay her electricity bill. If the bill went unpaid, she risked eviction from her subsidized housing.

Thanks to campaign donations, special contributions and assistance from the Department of Social Services, United Way of the Lowcountry helped this family stay in their home and figure out how to avoid this crisis again.

“We help people like this every single day,” said Peter Post, chairman of the board for United Way of the Lowcountry. “United Way provides so much support through our community campaign. Every dollar donated helps make this a better, stronger community, one family at a time.

“This particular woman had a job, she had three children, and she is determined to work hard to make it. She just fell behind on her electricity payment and that caused problems with her housing,” he said. “That’s where United Way of the Lowcountry has always stood out, advancing the common good and helping people be stronger.”

The United Way of the Lowcountry Board of Directors announced gifts and pledges have been received totaling $2,244,665 or 80.2 percent of the organization’s 2012 goal of $2.8 million.

As the campaign enters its final weeks, United Way leaders urge anyone with a pledge card on their desk or their “To Do” basket to please return it as soon as possible. For more information or to make a donation, call 982-3040 or visit www.uwlowcountry.org.

Mike Petrilli,  Hilton Head Island campaign chair, said United Way’s work helps build a stronger Beaufort-Jasper community.

“They say a rising tide floats all boats, and that’s how United Way of the Lowcountry works to advance the common good. By making life better for so many families in so many ways, we create a better, stronger, more dynamic Lowcountry,” he said.

Please give and help United Way of the Lowcountry meet the needs of the community, and meet the $2.8 million goal!

To learn more about United Way of the Lowcountry and its work to make our community a better place, call 843-982-3040 or visit www.uwlowcountry.org. A secure online payment system is available.

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