Trying to achieve the impossible dream of a common woman


By Cherimie Crane Weatherford

As the rhetoric streams loudly with silent effect, the talking heads continue on the substance free conversation touting passion, rebellion and familiarity with the plight of the common man. My toddler tosses her eggs, my husband searches for his keys, my dog finds solace only on a recently folded load of laundry and my to- do list reads like an un-acclaimed tragic comedy. Cursed with the burden of thought, my heart palpitates at the lack of leadership in our country.

Debates have become drama fueled debacles that serve only as a distraction from issues even scholars fear to address. More concern over semantics, political correctness and one liners blanket the scarred elephant standing in the room of every American home. As I pick eggs from my hair, refold laundry and sort through the impressive mountain of paperwork that is required of a small business owner, I wonder what the concern of the common man is.

Does the common man long for leadership that can be trusted, respected and worthy of future classroom reflection? This common woman does. Motherhood has burdened me with more than sleepless nights and chaotic days. Growing up, the President of the United States was a position of adoration. In backwoods Mississippi one may disagree, but no favor was ever found, certainly not encouraged, in disrespecting the one whom led the nation. More bright young stars dreamt of the oval office than pseudo social fame.

I would prefer my thoughts be on my to do list, growing my business, pursuing the life that was once a coveted American dream, but as a common woman that luxury alludes me. A common woman sees clearly the cloud of avoidance, the facade of sincerity and the absence of concern by those claiming common ground. My thoughts nestle uneasily in the corner of doubt and disappointment in the direction of a country once a pinnacle of pride. While those that seek the podium of popularity, I long for intellectual integrity and moral fortitude.

Admittedly, I don’t have answers. I do have a family, a business and a community of which I am so proud and want so badly to see enjoy leadership of past. Until fame finds favor in intellect rather than popularity, sincerity rather than sensationalism and morality over money, I will continue to pick eggs from my hair, refold laundry and work towards achieving the impossible dream of a common woman. Happy Election season ya’ll.

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