Treasure Hunting around Beaufort with a friend


By Lee Scott

When we moved to Beaufort we decided that we needed to get rid of some odds and ends that we no longer needed. In the past we had always donated furniture and clothing to Goodwill, but we soon discovered here that there were many non-profit thrift shops and missions in the area that would love our donations. It was during one of these trips to drop things off that I was reminded of the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

I was in the Saint Helena Mission Store and there on the shelf in front of me was the serving bowl that was missing from my dinnerware. I had to thrown my bowl out due to the large crack running through it; but there sat its replacement. Someone else’s discarded piece became my find. It was not long before I started my Treasure Hunt through the various non-profit shops in town. There is the Red Door that serves the Friends of Carolina Hospice; The Habitat for Humanity Thrift shop and The Cancer Thrift Store. Then there are the numerous church thrift shops. Treasures beyond my imagination. Occasionally, I will pick up a piece of china or a little curio and buy it regardless of the “made in china” stamp which is firmly implanted on the bottom. It is then that I rationalize my buying because I am contributing to a good cause.

Recently, my friend Chris, who is also new to the Lowcountry, has joined me in the Treasure Hunt. We both acknowledge that we really do not need anything, but sometimes, the seeking is just as much fun as the finding. The joy of wandering around and seeing old china sets that our mothers owned, or toys that we owned as children keeps us going back for more. Sometimes we just have things to donate and do not buy, but as with most treasure hunters, we get hungry and the opportunity to find a new restaurant is also included in the hunt. So this time of the year, with good will on our minds, lets remember to donate to Goodwill and other non-profits that seek our donations. And do not forget to check out those shelves. You never know what hidden treasures you will find.

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