Transplanted Buckeye rounds out his year as the Beaufort Water Festival Commodore

He’s a graduate of The Ohio State University who has been Beaufort High School’s head wrestling coach for 26 years. Now Bill Damude teaches history during the school year, but he stays mighty busy over the summers as well by volunteering for the Beaufort Water Festival. This year Bill served as Commodore of the Festival.

“The Water Festival has a great group of volunteers that not only put on the best Festival each year, but who also contribute to many other festivals and events around Beaufort,” Bill says. “Our volunteers can be found in many other volunteer groups and helping with numerous events. I think our motto should be ‘we’ll help’ because we always seem to and that’s another thing that makes it so much fun.”

Over the last year, Bill learned that staying flexible and having a good time is the best way to enjoy the year as Commodore.

DSC_9380_cmykBill’s career choice combined three loves: teaching, history and the sport of wrestling. He still helps with the wrestling team, which means he is truly doing what he loves. With “a year or two of teaching left” to add to his current 32 years as a teacher, Bill considers education something of a family business.

“I come from a family of teachers,” he says. “My mom, two sisters, brothers-in-law and nephews all teach.”

He says the great thing about teaching is that every day brings new experiences. His goal is to inspire kids to be productive and lead happy, successful lives as well as to enjoy learning and know that school doesn’t equate to misery.

“I’m fortunate to have worked with some great teachers over the years,” Bill says, “and have students who make teaching enjoyable.”

Bill and his wife, Marcia, are parents to son Taylor, age 23, and daughter Jylian, age 21. He also volunteers with Waters Edge United Methodist Church. One of Bill’s claims to fame is that he’s the world record holder for the John Boy and Billy Big Show’s Wordy Word game.

When asked about his post-teaching plans, Bill says he doesn’t know what will come next. He plans to take things as they come and enjoy the beautiful small town atmosphere that makes Beaufort so special. We want to thank Bill for all his hard work this year and for making the 60th Water Festival extra special. The Buckeyes might want you back but you are a Beaufortonian now!

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