Top five ways to breathe easier at home this fall

While we can’t do much about the air outside, Bob Cunningham, owner of the Merry Maids office serving Beaufort, has provided a list of five simple housekeeping tips that can make it a little easier to breathe at home.

1. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can trigger of mimic allergic reactions. Whenever possible, choose the non-toxic or all-natural product and even then make sure you are working in a well-ventilated space and that you are not mixing products with bleach or ammonia.

2. A good vacuum cleaner costs less and lasts longer than most smartphones and, when used daily, is an excellent investment in your family’s health. In fact, using a vacuum that has a HEPA filter daily can trap 99% of allergens that are in the air.

3. Even in the cleanest homes, ceiling and standing fans are often overlooked, which is unfortunate because build-up not only causes fans to work less efficiently, it can eventually lead to long-term breathing problems for everyone in the house. All fans should be cleaned at least once a month during the times when they are being used most.

4. Even if you are just doing light housework, wear house clothes and change, launder them in hot water to kill dust mites and shower immediately afterwards. You don’t want to have any breathing-inhibitors lingering on your body or your street clothes.

5. In an average home without pets, air filters should be changed every 90 days. Add one pet, every 60 days. With multiple pets, if you suffer from allergies, have a smoker in the house or live in a humid or high-pollution area: every 30 days.

For other tips on allergy-proofing your home, visit Merry Maids of Beaufort at merrymaids.com or call Merry Maids of Beaufort at 843-522-2777.

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