Tips by Takiya: Eyebrow enhancement specialist

Have you ever truly paid attention to your eyebrows? I mean really taken a long, examining look at these two small, yet important, details of your face. Eyebrows, especially for women, however, as equally influencing for men, can be one of the single most attention grabbing features of your face. Our eyebrows grow in various shapes and colors, as well as different lengths and thickness.  Some sparse, some full, some shapely, and some rebellious and unruly. Yet, no matter your category, the great news is that there is an easy quick-fix to obtaining gorgeous, natural looking brows of your own.

The primary key to shaping perfect brows is to know them. As a trained brow specialist, I have consulted with a countless number of clients on how to consider your facial shape and its attributes. Is your face round and full, heart shape or angular? Likewise, do your brows have a natural, high arch, a slight curve to them or in some cases, absolutely no arch at all?  Knowing and following the natural shape and growth pattern of your brows is the foundation to achieving a great brow every time.

In order to achieve a brow shape that compliments your facial structure the use of a plain Kohl eyeliner pencil and a well-lit bathroom vanity will suffice. Standing in the mirror, take a good look at the present shape of your brows and using your eyeliner pencil, mark a small spot to reflect where they begin, arch and end. Now, holding the eyeliner pencil at a 45 degree angle, line it up with the outer corner of your eye so that it meets the eyebrow. This area, known as the tail, marks where you eyebrow should end. Be sure to mark a spot on this area to see the difference in your original placement. Next, holding the pencil at a 90 degree angle, place it directly in front of your eye near the outer corner of your iris. This marks the appropriate position of the arch, which varies individually. Lastly, still holding the pencil at a 90 degree angle, move it to the inner corner of your eye and place it against the skin to line up with the beginning of the brow, known as the bulb.

Taking a step back, observe the previous markings compared to the latter. If your brows are pretty much within the confines of each other, you have already won half the battle to achieving superb brows. If your markings are too far apart, consider following these cues to achieve a look that works best for you.

Now, let’s take a closer look at design and definition. No matter who you are, at some point and time, you have observed, wondered or even desired the look of full, thick and precisely arched eyebrows. Following the proper shape is the next key element to keeping brows neatly groomed and well maintained. Waxing and tweezing are traditional brow grooming services that can be done both at home or in a spa or salon. My choice pick and ultimate suggestion is the fast spreading method of Eyebrow Threading, which is a true art form that involves the simple use of an organic piece of cotton beauty thread. The thread is manipulated to target sections or individual segments of hair that are ultimately pulled directly out of the follicle with minimal to no pain, irritation, redness or swelling. Threading does not pull the skin, thus causes no incorporation of “sagging” and offers a clean, precise and highly defined eyebrow like no other.

Once the brow has been properly designed and shaped, the next step, if needed, consists of fillers, such as brow powders, pencils or tinting. Though pencils tend to lean on the harsher side, resulting in unnatural looking brows, a softer look can be achieved with the correct color match, a soft hand during application and light, swift strokes in the direction of the natural brow.

As a suggestion, my recommendation is soft hue brow powders that have the consistency of eye shadow. Brow powders blend so well and fill in sparse brows as well as make non-noticeable blonde or fair hair pop with color. Tinting, simply meaning to dye or color the brows is a semi-permanent approach to brow definition which could last three to six weeks.

Be sure to keep a good polisher, such as clear mascara or a brow gel, to complete your brow kit. Brow gels help to set and hold your brows for a fresh, all-day look.

Takiya La’Shaune Smith, licensed cosmetologist, mentor and owner of Beautique Lash & Brow is an author and beauty columnist. Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TakiyaLSmith, email her at Takiya@Takiya-LaShaune.com or call 843-263-0426.

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