The White Horse Story

By Danette Vernon

“Once upon a time there was an old man who lived in a small village. The claim to fame that this village possessed was a beautiful white stallion that the old man possessed. Then one morning the horse was gone. The village was sick at heart at the loss, and bemoaned their un-earned fate. The old man said, ‘It is neither good nor bad, he is simply gone.’ A few days later, the stallion ran through town, a string of un-branded mares running behind him. The town rejoiced. The old man said, ‘It is neither good nor bad, he has simply returned.’ Then the old man’s only son was out riding the stallion, was thrown and broke his leg. The village again came to the old man, this time to share his grief, who would help bring in the crops with the son’s leg broke? The old man simply said, ‘It is neither good nor bad, his leg is simply broken.’ Soon after this the country went to war, and the militia came through pulling all able bodied men off to a certain death, but not the son of the old man. The village was ecstatic for the old man and his son. This time even the old man rejoiced.”
Are we so nonchalant about a change of circumstance? Can we find it in ourselves to be so? What about the big stuff: our company is down-sizing and we’ll now have to do the work of two people to keep “our” job; the house we’ve been renting for 10 years has just been sold, and we need to move — in 30 days. Or the little stuff, the bridge is open — again! And we feel a tantrum coming on!
Mel Robbins, nationally noted coach of change, says this about our standard reaction to change, and how it dis-empowers us, “It’s hard to challenge your feelings because you constantly normalize whatever you do, just because it’s you who did it.”
But how do you go about changing yourself from the inside out? From the “outside in” we all have some pretty good ideas, ranging from plastic surgery to eat your vegetables — but from the inside out?
The answers are as varied as the birds, but one thing stands out. Listen. Greg Levoy has made a living for more than a dozen years doing workshops and presentations from the material found in his book, “Callings, Finding and Following an Authentic Life,” as that is the answer he gives, as it is the one given down through the ages, “listen to what calls you.”
At Therapeutic Solutions we help people actualize their dreams through the removal of interferences — the beliefs and past events that stand in the way of your hearing your own call to action.

Therapeutic Solutions: Offering a unique approach to your active health care needs using a variety of healing modalities, nutritional and wellness coaching to empower you to a new state of health and well-being. 73 Sams Point Road, 524-2554.

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