The view of life in hover mode

By Martha O’Regan

Do you ever have days when you laugh out loud at how obvious your life’s journey reveals itself?  You know, those moments when we’re able to draw on a lesson learned or some tool acquired in a past experience, that when complete, gives us a level of satisfaction that we are right where we are supposed to be.

Some of my favorite moments in the work I do are when I encourage a practice member to go into “hover” mode and look down on their life as though it were a maze. By hovering over that maze, they can see with great clarity why certain doors had to close, while some had to open, wrong turns had to be made, while some right ones just fell before them, and even why sometimes they got stuck in a roundabout that took great guidance to get out of. They can see the folks who showed up right on schedule to teach them something then drifted into a distant memory or the ones that showed up seemingly out of nowhere yet have remained in their hearts and lives forever.

In these moments of great clarity, it’s fun to watch those lights that have been dimly lit for years, begin flickering and glowing with a new awareness of their purpose here on earth; that there is truly a Divine plan unfolding that they were asleep to only a moment ago.  These are the moments when we remember that ‘everything in life happens for us, not to us and that every experience is part of our growth and evolution.  They are the “aha’s” that awaken us and re-ignite our spark for living.

Just as in a maze, we all come in and we all go out. It is the in between where we truly live, zigging and zagging, bumping into walls, heading down the wrong road, or even going back to where we started.  Our individual mazes of life differ not only in the specific circumstances but also in how long it takes us to learn the nuances of navigating those so-called wrong turns, road blocks and squeezy spots to wake up to our power, no longer driven by fear or guilt due to long held beliefs of unworthiness or shame.  Our maze will show the moment we wake up to that power, the place where the chaos and confusion turns into a steady course forward with more gentle turns and calmer paths.

Few awaken early in life, forced to draw upon their inner strength and courage to get through a difficult life experience becoming the person who knows early on what they want, following their passions to create a life that supports their unfolding with grace and ease.

The majority find their core later in life through pain, illness or loss, often during a time when life seemed to be moving along smoothly despite an underlying restlessness or dissatisfaction in a job or relationship. Suddenly, they are bushwhacked into an illness or divorce and forced to dig within to find their voice or courage to move forward. They wake up with a knowingness that there is more to life and begin searching, growing and trusting in their part of the Divine plan.

Finally, there are those who wake up in the last few days or hours of their life often wishing they had done things differently. Yet, even though the last moments may be filled with many shouldas, couldas, and wouldas, looking back in hover mode allows the ability to see the good and to find gratitude even amongst any regret, lighting the path for a smoother exit out of the maze.

So, what do you see when you hover from above?  Are you on your steady course yet or are you still at the roundabout? Either way, relish in the chaos and confusion for as long as is necessary, learning the lessons and honing the skills until you find that confident satisfaction that you are right where you are supposed to be.

Live Well … Have Fun!

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