The Lunch Bunch relaxes on My Time Out

By Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer


The Lunch Bunch took a break from the norm and relaxed on My Time Out last week, a fishing boat owned by Captain Frank Gibson. Captain Gibson invited Kim, Elizabeth and I for a boat cruise along the Beaufort River to inaugurate the unofficial beginning of summer and fishing season. It was the perfect spring day, with temperatures in the low 90’s, humidity at a comfortable level and a steady breeze coming off the water.

We were accompanied by Tennent Houston from Lands End and Captain Sonny Ellis from Bluffton. They were so helpful as soon as we boarded and took care of us the entire trip.

Captain Frank Gibson owns Fishing Charters of Beaufort, an outfit that specializes in quarter-day and half-day local water charters, all-day Gulfstream charters and entertainment cruises on his 47 foot Cabo.

We left the Port Royal Landing Marina at 10 a.m. and traveled south along the shores of Cane and Cat islands, Bermuda Bluff and Lands End to our port side. We turned around at Bay Point and navigated alongside Parris Island and Port Royal with Hilton Head in clear sight. With Kim at the helm, we came back under the bridge after passing the Naval Hospital and cruised by Spanish Point, Verdier Bluff and Beaufort Memorial Hospital before turning around again.

The day was just incredible. Elizabeth went by Publix before we departed and got the boat’s crew a bunch of subs from the deli. We devoured Italian, Cuban and Ultimate subs while on board. In my opinion, there is no better quick stop than Publix to get all your boating needs before a day out in the river.  If you’re headed to any of the St. Helena Island landings, Coosaw or Brickyard Point, definitely stop by Publix for chicken, subs, beer and snacks. A boat trip can be an all-day affair, and it’s important to be “un”nutritionally prepared.

Offshore and In-shore fishing season is here! The Lunch Bunch included some popular game fish recipes for your pleasure. Charters are available all over Beaufort. If you have friends coming in town or want to charter a boat for your family this summer, give Captain Gibson a call at 522-2122. Booking a charter might land you some Dolphin, Cobia, Barracuda, Grouper, Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Trigger fish, Sea Bass, King Mackerel, Amber Jack and even Wahoo in your freezer.

And even if you don’t catch a thing while on the My Time Out, you’re sure to have a good time nonetheless!

Thank you Captain Gibson for a perfect day on the river. We had a ball!


Mahi with Lemon and Capers

From My Carolina Cooking by Pat Branning


4 pounds fresh mahi

2 cups all purpose flour, seasoned with 1 tablespoon dried oregano

8 eggs and 1cup milk, beaten together

1quart Panko breadcrumbs

4 lemons

½ pound butter

3 tablespoons capers

½ bunch chopped parsley, washed, dried and chopped fine

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

2 pound well washed fresh spinach

2 cups vegetable oil


Slice the mahi very thin, on the bias, into 16 equal parts.  Dip the mahi into the flour, then dip into the egg, then dip the mahi into the bread crumbs.  Set on a plate or tray and refrigerate. Squeeze the juice from the lemons. Just before starting to pan fry the mahi, place the butter and lemon juice in a small pan and melt over low heat.  When emulsified, mix in the capers, and parsley.  Set aside and keep sauce warm. Heat oil in a large pan until fairly hot, and sauté fish in batches until nice and brown.  Place on a plate in a warm oven until all are cooked.

While the fish is cooking, warm the wilted spinach in a dab of butter and season with salt and pepper.  Plate a mound of spinach, and place two mahi fillets on top of the spinach.  Spoon the sauce around the bottom of the plate.  Repeat this process for each plate.  Yields: 8 servings.


Baked Fish Daufuskie

From The Pat Conroy Cookbook by Pat Conroy and Suzanne Williamson Pollak


Dish can be prepared with Grouper or other firm-fleshed white fish, such as red snapper, sea bass or mahi mahi



4 fish filets

1 medium red onion, sliced

½ cup mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard

1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice




Preheat oven to 350°F. Put the filets in a greased baking dish and cover with sliced onion. Combine the mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice in a small bowl and spoon the mixture over the fish and onion. Sprinkle the top with Paprika. Bake for 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Finish under the broiler for a couple minutes to brown. Serves 4.











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