The Lunch Bunch dines at the always delightful SuZara’s Kitchen

Spotted by the Lunch Bunch: Edna Crews, Marjorie Gray, Jackie Adams, Woody Rutter and Dick Stewart



Mike and Susan Zara

The Lunch Bunch dined at SuZara’s Kitchen, located at 1211 Newcastle Street behind Talbot’s. The experience was nostalgic for me. Susan Zara, owner of the restaurant, is an old neighbor of mine and also the feature of the first Community Profile I wrote when I started with The Island News almost 18 months ago. Then, she had just opened SuZara’s at 1103 Boundary Street.

Well, she quickly outgrew that location. Her popularity with the locals has surged, and her new spot (and larger space) allows for more adventurous cooking and in house dining. In addition to her prized baked goods, Zara is now offering a delicious lunch menu.  She’s also partnered with Patsy Collins, who owns Be My Guest, utilizing the space for the restaurant and retail.

Zara is a natural in the kitchen. “I love what I do. I love to see the response on people’s faces. And it’s very easy for me,” says the 37-year, self-taught chef.

And the people of Beaufort obviously love what she does too. Her enthusiasm for cooking and ultra-organized sense of business has propelled her into an elite class of restaurant owners in Beaufort.  It’s a small group, and she’s now a humble member.

I was so excited to try the lunch menu.  Zara makes everything from scratch using the purest of ingredients, so I knew it was going to be good. And, indeed, it was.

Kim ordered the vegetable strata, which was the special for the day. Zara carefully takes day-old croissants to make the layered dish. Kim thoroughly enjoyed it, and we all took note of its delicious presentation.

Three members of the Lunch Bunch asked for wraps. April and Barry ordered the turkey club, and Pamela got the smoked salmon wrap with capers and dill cream cheese. Pamela also got the Red Roasted Pepper Corn Bisque. It was heavenly and easily doubled as a cold soup and as a dip for crackers or chips.

Elizabeth and I opted for the salad selections. She ordered the curried chicken salad, and I asked for the Mediterranean salad. Each entrée was delightful, and Elizabeth’s won as the table’s favorite dish. It is a must-have.

We could not got to SuZara’s without ordering dessert! Zara’s famous coconut cake was the only item on everyone’s mind, so we all got it! Just so you know, it is Conan O’Brien’s favorite all-time dessert. He specifically asked for it when Zara served it up North.

Well, watch out Conan, because it’s the Lunch Bunch’s favorite dessert as well!  I wonder who Susan Zara will brag about more? I agree … The Lunch Bunch!

Zara’s other desserts are mouth watering as well. My girls (Abbie and Julia) came with the Lunch Bunch and ordered lemon bars and truffles for dessert. I tried a little of both, and they were phenomenal.

The ambiance of SuZara’s is peaceful. It’s the perfect setting for a ladies’ lunch or any small gathering. Miles Davis played in the background as we perused Collins’ stationary in the Be My Guest corner. The experience was delightful, and the Lunch Bunch had a wonderful afternoon at SuZara’s Kitchen.




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