The Lending Room makes a difference

Making a difference in our community is what The Lending Room is all about.  As an all-volunteer organization dedicated to accepting and distributing gently used medical equipment, the mission is simple.  Anyone in need of rehabilitative equipment for long or short-term needs can call and receive it regardless of income or insurance.

The Lending Room has long roots in Beaufort, first established in 1961 as a way to obtain equipment easily since there was only one drug store, Luther’s, in town and insurance delays were often prohibitive of immediate rehab equipment needs.

As it celebrates a new nonprofit status, The Lending Room has many to thank for support. First and foremost, Natalie Haskell for her vision in 1961 and Becky Trask for her loving devotion for 40 years. Although the organization is all volunteer, there have been countless behind the scenes individuals along the way who have played a vital part of it becoming a nonprofit and the growth that has taken place in the past years.

William Harvey and Eugene Parrs of Harvey and Battey Law Firm were instrumental in helping to secure the nonprofit status. Without them, The Lending Room would be unable to apply for funding to continue the mission of reaching out to the community.

Dick Stewart’s support in providing storage space for The Lending Room is crucial for the volume of equipment received.

The Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina and Beaufort County Human Services Alliance offered financial support so operational expenses can be met and The Lending Room can continue to build awareness in the community by establishing a website, printing fees and other PR related costs.

Steve Curless, president of HELP of Beaufort has partnered with The Lending Room by allowing our volunteers to “set up shop” during HELP hours since The Lending Room does not have a store front. People in need of equipment can stop in to pick it up at the HELP location at 1910 Baggett Street.

Likewise, Rose Ewing from Helena House in Port Royal allows individuals to stop in and pick up or drop off equipment at the facility with prior notice.

It’s humbling to realize how many individuals and organizations have been so generous of their time, talents and financial commitment to help encourage the continued growth of such a valuable service.

The Lending Room has many dedicated volunteers willing to give of their time to “man a shift,” fix equipment or do pick up and deliveries of larger items, but there is still a need for more. Area churches help to publicize our mission and continued need for volunteers as well as other agencies and civic organizations.

We wish thank the many individuals who have donated equipment as well. Without their generosity we would be unable to meet the needs of others. Even Beaufort County convenience center employees keep their eyes out for people disposing of equipment and rescue it for The Lending Room. It is the goal of The Lending Room that the more others hear of these services for those in need of medical equipment, the more donations will be received and the more people can be assisted.

For more information or for equipment inquiries, call 843-524-2554 or e-mail at lendingroom@yahoo.com.

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