The Island News asked: What are your resolutions?

Rarely do I ever make resolutions for the New Year because I take such things very seriously.  The last one was two years ago when I resolved to stop smoking — cold turkey — and did.  As you can see I try to keep resolutions for the big, serious, life changing stuff. Well, this year I am going to make another biggie resolution.  I have gotten rather rotund (my nice way of saying fat) and badly out of shape. and if I don’t do something to change my direction soon I will easily win a Jabba The Hut look alike contest.  So the serious regimen to change my ways starts January 1, 2012! If I have the same success as with stopping smoking, I should be looking for another big resolution next year. Maybe learning how to Shag!                                                       Buck Boone, General Manager

“It is with sincere conviction that I resolve to attempt my greatest fear: To think before speaking and say it anyway. Or possibly guard my words and thoughts with the fierceness that I often guard my cupcakes. Either one of those will suit just fine. The likelihood that I forget them both by midnight suggests eminent failure.”
Cherimie Crane Weatherford, aka Backwoods Barbie

Approaching the age of 35, it has become quite apparent that I no longer possess the physique, energy and metabolism that I did at the age of 25.     2011 was an eye-opener for me, in regard to my current state of health as well as those around me. Discovering that I had high cholesterol, having both my parents and an aunt diagnosed with cancer, as well as losing a beloved church family member and another aunt to the same, I make a resolve to take better care of myself so that I am better able to take care of those around me. I make a resolve to eat better and at appropriate times, exercise more, drink water more, rest more, and most importantly, I vow to get annual screenings and regular check-ups as if my life depended on it. 2011 has taught me to pray endlessly, love harder, and laugh louder. See you all in the New Year! 2012 is going to be awesome!                                                             Takiya Smith, Beauty columnist

“I think I’ll start the year out by giving birth and then I’ll try this whole raising a baby thing.”
Pamela Brownstein, Editor

“Wag more. As my dog friends have taught me over the years, those who wag more have more joy, harmony, gratitude, and peace of mind than those who spend their time barking about whatever is presented them on a moment-to-moment basis.”
Tracie Korol, holistic behavior coach and author of wholeDog

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