The grander scheme of things: Part III

By Danette Vernon

I remember reading, on a number of occasions, that if you manage to read 50 books on a particular topic you would most likely reach “expert” on the subject. Yet, where might the application of this information come to the fore?

I remember as a college student, honing my budding art therapy skills while working as a short-term employee on a mental ward. One man who came through our doors could quote chapter and verse the many methods of dealing with alcoholism, yet he complained of an imaginary cat running through his room at night. He knew what to do, he had all of the information, but he was on the ward for Delirium Tremens (DT’s), described on the net as the “alcohol withdrawal syndrome from Hell.”

So “knowing” isn’t enough, no matter how much you know.

I would suggest as an alternative to “reading” about transforming your life that you try a little kinesthetic learning. My friend Kyle Shivers, musician, meditation facilitator, life coach, and writer, suggests you actually walk around in change, make your home in it, so to speak. I have simplified, for the sake of space, the steps that he provides wanting to focus more on Kyle’s experience with his own advice:

Step one: Describe yourself in detail; in the physical sense, the things you like about your life, what makes you happy, or unhappy. You can keep it simple, or write till the wee hours, but no matter what, “get a full and complete description of how you see yourself.”

Step two: “Describe, in full detail, how you would like for your life to be. Everything and anything goes, and nothing is too outrageous. How would you dress? How much would you weigh? How would you wear your hair? Where would you work? Where would you live? ‘Be as detailed as possible with this step.”

Step three: “Seek ways in which you can go ahead and be the person you described in Step 2.”

Kyle goes on to say that he is not, afraid to share his own personal experience with this exercise, and sharing his may help you to better understand the third step.

Kyle writes, “The ‘me I want to be’ is very wealthy. He is a giver. He dresses a certain way, he eats certain foods, he has several houses in several states, and other countries. He’s an author, a healer, a Spiritual teacher, he works for God. He is happy and vibrant. He is very loving and kind. He plays music, he is an artist, he travels, and anyone who comes into contact with him, receives healing.

“So the first thing I did was go to Goodwill and buy some short-sleeved linen shirts, and some light-colored pants. I began to dress as if I were the guy in my Step 2. Then I began to eat different foods. I began to eat the kind of food that the Step 2 guy would eat. I began to talk like him. I began to act as he would act when I was speaking with others, no matter if it was with friends, co-workers, or with the cashier at the grocery store. I began to write a book. I began going to school and learning healing techniques. I began holding meditations, traveling to different cities and leading workshops. I try and remain healthy and happy and vibrant, and I offer healing vibrations to everyone I meet or come into contact with. I rarely wear the color black anymore, and when I do, it is when I’m painting and it is a shirt that I can mess up. I write in my journal and anywhere else with a blue pen, and not black. I have changed my behavior with my wife, my behavior towards work I have gone ahead and become this person who I described in my Step 2 as much as possible right now. Am I perfectly him yet? No. You would probably not look at my bank account and deem me ‘wealthy.’ However, I have lost fear and insecurity about money, and I FEEL WEALTHY. Do I have tough moments? Tough days? Do I still have some less-than-desirable habits that the guy in Step 2 does not have? Yes. But look at me go!”

For information on Kyle Shivers, please visit his site: http://thespiritcenter.us.

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