The gift of pain and dis-ease


By Martha O’Regan

Yes, I said “gift.” Pain and dis-ease are some of the greatest gifts that we receive in our lifetime — a wake-up call to check in, re-evaluate our lifestyle choices and make necessary changes so our body can heal.

You see, every illness or symptom in the body is a perfect response to interferences in our original design.  These interferences can occur in the mind, body, or spirit; they can be chemical, physical or emotional.  The body is designed to survive and will quietly do the best it can for as long as it can while we continue to do the things we’ve always done. Most syndromes or “dis-eases” begin long before we become aware of them and by then, one or more areas of the body are in exhaustion and exhibiting signs and symptoms. Some will ignore the message until it gets loud enough to seek help and some will go in search of  what is “wrong” or what needs to be fixed. Once a label or diagnosis is given, most will seek ways to fight it, kill it or “attack it from all sides,” all from outside influences.

The body does nothing wrong as it only responds to what we put in, on or around it. If these aren’t congruent to original design, the body has to work harder to figure out what to do with it.  Dis-ease is simply the body showing us that we are living out of balance and not in a state of ease, telling us to wake up and begin new ways of living in mind, body and spirit.

Health is a journey that often begins with a diagnosis, that moment in time where we either choose the role of scared victim or courageous victor. It can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. I am honored to work with folks who make a decision to do things differently, to choose their life experience, rather than fall prey to it. It’s not to say there isn’t a fear once there is a label attached to your health, of course there is.  But fear is just an energy rattling around inside and can be turned into fierce courage with just a simple shift of perspective.  There are countless resources available on how to turn every illness around and they all begin within, with a commitment to do things differently, to get the body back into a state of balance, allowing the brilliance within to begin reorganizing with a new energy so it can heal.

Wellness centers are associated with cancer and heart centers around the world for those who have survived and are on the other side of their illness. They all teach ways to eat for health, exercise for vitality, and to meditate to reduce stress.  So, why do so many wait for an event that could just as easily take them out of the game, to begin looking at what got them there in the first place … their lifestyle?

We live and die on a cellular level.  All trillion cells are vibrating, filtering, and working hard to keep us alive.  Understanding this, we can ask ourselves, “What am I fueling these cells with?”  Processed foods or real foods grown on the land? Water or sugary soda? Am I giving them too much to manage at one time or am I slowly delivering it to them, allowing the time to process everything?

I think of my cells as little people in there working hard and my job is to make it as easy for them as possible. It took the gift of an illness for me to wake up and begin thinking like this. I trust that my body is working hard for me, I may as well do my part by being a good steward and giving it what it needs to maintain balance. Have you received your “gift”?  I hope it has served you well.

Live Well … Have Fun!

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