The Electronic Watch Trainer

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By Lee Scott

My parents were always telling us children, “Turn off the television set and go out and play!” They wanted us to get moving. Now instead of a parent, I have an electronic trainer who is always prodding me to get going. It is my Fitbit device. It is one of those watches that does more than just tell time. They are very popular now, especially with runners. I did not buy this item, it was a gift from my daughter Faith, who is a runner. She thought the Fitbit might be a good way for me to increase my daily exercise. What?

I received it graciously, never thinking I needed one. However, four months later, I love it. Why? Because sometimes, you just need to have someone, or something, tell you to move. 

There are many popular electronic watch trainers. The latest technology provides us with devices that can measure our steps, our BPM (beats per minute), our calories burned, along with other information. There are numerous brands besides the Fitbit, too. You can get the 3 Fitness Smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series, the Polar M430 and the Garmin Forerunner. Even Timex has come out with an Ironman GPS. 

When I received the Fitbit, I had to download an app on my phone so my watch and phone could communicate. Based on their recommendation, I try to walk at least 8,000 steps a day. The watch has the annoying habit of vibrating on my wrist when it is time for me to move. “Twenty-nine more steps,” it will tell me as I approach my hourly goal of 250. “Time to move,” if I have been sitting too long. But it also “rewards” me with rockets and fireworks when I hit my 8,000 steps. 

The Fitbit has made me a bit competitive after I realized my friend Nancy has one too. I texted her the other morning to let her know I was already at 4,451 steps. She informed me she was sitting in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike. I totally beat her time! Then I was bragging to my daughter about exceeding my daily 8,000 steps and she suggested it was time to step it up to 10,000. 

“What? Why would I do that? I would not get my rocket rewards.” She also suggested I read the Fitbit instruction book. What a concept. Turns out my Fitbit does much more than I thought. 

Overall, my Fitbit has been great for me. The subtle vibrating on my wrist is much more pleasing than my parents yelling. But I must confess, there are those days when I just want to sit in front of the television and my Fitbit gets to sit quietly in my jewelry box. 

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