The beauty of it all

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By Takiya Smith

Last week on Dataw Island, this week in the grocery store, yesterday at the gas pump and today over the phone, I was asked, “Where have you been?” “Are you still writing?” “I miss reading your columns.” To my surprise, both male and female, young and younger, all have expressed a sincere interest and noted knowledge of the absence of the ever-so-opinionated columns by one Takiya L. Smith. In reflecting on this and the beauty of it all, it hit me and hit home, jolting me from my three months too long hiatus.

Columnist Takiya Smith. Send her your beauty questions!
Columnist Takiya Smith. Send her your beauty questions!

“Where exactly have I been?” was the question I asked of myself, seeming to have allowed undisclosed space and irreplaceable time to filter the likes of silent and distant bonds. Bonds of unspoken commonalities to lie dormant and bonds of innate friendships to halt. “I’ve been busy” was my reply but busy didn’t and doesn’t seem answer enough when the fact of the matter is that I have made a uncommitted commitment to commit to the uncommitted.

School for me ended and began again with Spanish and public speaking classes. The business grew and expanded from one location to three, one employee to four. The book, published and released, has led me to speak for CODA and Beaufort County Schools. The children have engaged in soccer and football and in between it all, I have managed to fathom a social life of sorts. Yet, here again, within, lies the beauty of it all. My social life has become YOU!

From lunch dates to dinners, phone calls to emails, drops in’s at the spa and cards via mail, Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, the ministry of beauty, the passion of raising self-esteem and the awareness of one another has only become more profound and destiny bound. A difference is being made and being made has become the difference. That, my dear friends, has been the beauty of it all.

Beauty Q&A is now the fresh, new and informative column for you, by you, through me! Grab a pen, tap some keys and let me know what’s in your heart, on your mind and out your mouth. For questions, comments and information, email me at or and look for replies via The Island News!

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