The Baby Diaries: Surviving the first three months

By Pamela Brownstein
After rejoicing over the birth of our first child, my husband and I have been on a crash course trying to comprehend the basics of parenthood. We’ve been reading books, scanning blogs and listening to advice. Yes, we’ve received some helpful hints, but for the most part, we are learning by trial and error. Three months in and I’m happy to report that our baby is healthy and jolly and beautiful. The more he grows, the less I feel certain about what I know. But here are some things I have learned so far that I feel strongly about:

Docs who rock
I can’t say enough about all the talented medical professionals in Beaufort who helped us along the way. From Dr. Tolbert and Donna Andrews at Coastal OBGYN to the wonderful staff at the birthing center at Beaufort Memorial to the Keanes at Sea Island Pediatrics, we have received excellent care.

Staying out of the kitchen
With my husband working and taking graduate classes and me working and taking care of the baby, our life is hectic right now and the last thing either of us wants to do at the end of a busy day is figure out what’s for dinner. That’s why Gourmet on Wheels has been an absolute godsend. We order the meals online, they’re delivered right to our house, and we’re covered for the week. Not only is the food healthy and delicious, but the people are really nice too. I would recommend this to any new parents; it’s like having a personal chef.

Playing the name game
People’s reactions are mixed when I tell them my son’s name: Wolfe. It’s not common (it’s actually his middle name), but it’s strong and it fits him. We debated about the name basically the whole pregnancy and now, as his personality develops, I know we made the right choice.
The most important thing I have learned though is that every kid is different and most parents don’t know what they’re doing, they’re just doing the best they can.

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