Teachers at St. Peter’s ‘drive-by’ for their kids

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By Bob Sofaly

In an effort to keep in personal contact with their students, teachers at St. Peter’s Catholic School on Lady’s Island decided to have a “reverse drive-by” Saturday morning on school grounds.

Teachers, assistants and school administrators lined both sides of the road and waved to their students, who crept by waving their own banners from cars and pick-up trucks.

One teacher said the children have been doing a marvelous job with online learning but it all lacked the emotional bonding between teacher and students. So they decided to have drive by.

“This is all new to us. But it might be the new normal for them,” she said. “This way we get to see each and tell them we love and miss them.”

If the smiles and squeals from the children was any indication, the reverse drive-by was a huge success.

Above: Students from St. Peter’s Catholic School carry signs and wave to their teachers during a reverse drive-by Saturday on school grounds. Students and teachers have been holding classes on line. 

Right: Hendrix and Sarah Schoolfeld wave to their teachers from the back of their dad’s pick-up truck during the reverse drive by Saturday at St. Peter’s Catholic School.

Photos by Bob Sofaly

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