Summer Music in Port Royal

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Photo above: Alvin Hart, left, and bassist Erick Deaton during one of their songs Saturday evening in Port Royal. 

By Bob Sofaly

The Alvin Youngblood Hart Band from Memphis, TN, had  the best luck as the recent stormy weather left just long enough for organizers to have the second installment of the popular summer series of Street Music on Paris Avenue to take place as scheduled. Hart’s brand of southern rock, rhythm and blues “and whatever else we can get away with” didn’t let anybody down.

From left: Don Farris, left, unwraps snacks for his grandchildren Riley and Brody Farris during the outdoor concert Saturday evening in Port Royal (not shown is Farris’ wife Pam);Payton Harwell, left, and her best buddy Will Roman take in the free, outdoor concert with their parents Saturday evening in Port Royal; Rich Shelten, drummer for the Alvin Youngblood Hart band from Memphis, TN kicks off the the outdoor concert; Recent storm weather broke long enough to have Saturday evening’s free concert.