Summer beach reading for pet lovers

By Dr. Parker T. Barker PETS - Dog Gone It

Personally, I love to read. Especially at the beach during the summer. There’s the sun and sand and blankets and umbrellas and balls to chase and food to steal, and some great mystery stories to get mom to read to me. I love the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series myself.  These are written by Spencer Quinn. Chet is the wise and oh- so- smart canine narrator of the series and Bernie is your typical Hollywood typecast not-doing-so-well, slightly alcoholic private eye. They are quick to take a new case (as they both need to eat) and in Dog on It, the first novel in the Chet and Bernie series, they agree to look into the disappearance of a teenage girl who has gotten mixed up with some very unsavory characters. Was she kidnapped or did she run away?  It is up to Chet’s keen nose and Bernie’s ex-military experience to figure it out. PETS - Dog Gone it 2

As a total non-sequitur, Spencer Quinn is also known as Peter Abrahams, a mystery author for both adults and children. He writes both the Echo Falls Mystery Series and The Outlaws of Sherwood Street mysteries for grades 5-8. Abrahams (Quinn) has been nominated and won the Agatha Award for Best Children/Young Adult mysteries as well as the been nominated and won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Young Adult mysteries.

Now Prof. Percy on the other hand likes the Lilian Jackson Braun novels whose titles all start with, “The Cat Who…” You can fill in the blank. There are tons of books in this series and each one is a terrific read. Coco and Yum-Yum (their nicknames) are two Siamese who live with a former big city reporter who happens to have inherited a huge amount of money. The two cats are able to “sense” things before they happen and somehow together they manage to solve all kinds of crimes. They are excellent at making a point by throwing a true catfit that somehow manages to avoid cat-astrophic endings. Pick up either at the Library and enjoy a fun afternoon reading wherever you like to curl up.

Dr. Parker T. Barker received his doctorate in Squirrel Chasing and Hoovering from the University of Hartford, CT Rescue Center. He lives on Lady’s Island with his sister, Peanut and their great Mom. Prof. Percy Pussycat is a trained animal behaviourist and received his degree from the Canine and Cat Institute in London. He lives in Shell Point with his brother, Harley and devoted human family.

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