Stocking up on spring essentials

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By Lee Scott

The other day, I was in the parking lot of our local hardware store and walked past black cars, white cars and red cars. As I turned around and looked at my normally blue car, it became painfully obvious which cars were kept in a garage and which were not. My non-garaged car was covered with yellow pollen. 

Yes, it is that time of year when everything seems to take on that unique tinge. As I looked at my car, I added one more item to my shopping list, or my “spring essentials” as I call them — windshield wiper fluid. I think I had to go through a half a gallon of fluid to see out the windshield before driving down my road.  

When I got into the store, I grabbed a basket and went for furnace filters. With all the pollen floating around, I try to get fresh ones to help clear the indoor air.  Then I grabbed a new sprayer for the hose. Whether I ran over the old one in the driveway or my spouse did, it does not matter. That sprayer has had it, and if I want to see the blue paint on my car, then I need to hose it off.  I opted for one of those high-pressure nozzles to get the job done. Since the back porch, the front porch, and the front walk all need to be hosed down, too, it makes sense to buy something that works. I am tired of seeing foot prints in the front hall from the pollen. 

Then I went for one of those big boxes of rags. It is so much easier to wipe down the porch railings in the morning before the pollen dries and bakes into the wood.

There were other things I picked up like batteries for the smoke detectors, a new pair of gardening gloves and, of course, insect repellent. Then, as I was walking around the store, I could hear people sneezing and coughing and remembered that my list of “spring essentials” also required a visit to the drug store.

Seems like many people have the problem of a scratchy throat, watering eyes, and sneezing when there is this much pollen in the air. I stopped and picked up some Kleenex, an anti-histamine, and throat lozenges. I also threw in some Benadryl because the bees are out, too, and it does not hurt to be prepared in case of a bee sting.

Despite some of the springtime challenges, I do enjoy this time of year.  My azalea bushes are starting to flower, the tulips are coming up, and it is nice to see my car blue again — at least until tomorrow.

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