State grant to help city pay for Mossy Oaks drainage work

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At the May 28 City Council meeting, City Manager Bill Prokop announced the receipt of a $500,000 S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority grant, under the state’s Basic Infrastructure grant program. 

This grant will specifically go towards the cost of the Mossy Oaks Drainage Project, Basin 1.

“I want to first thank Matt St. Clair, and his staff in the department of public works along with Jared Felix of Infrastructure, Consulting and Engineering (ICE) who worked diligently to secure this grant” Prokop said in a release. “They, along with Neil Pugliese, who is the city’s representative on the multi-jurisdictional Mossy Oaks Stormwater Task force, have done an excellent job at identifying multiple funding streams for the Mossy Oaks Basin project.”

Residents will recall that the city recently announced the beginning of drainage maintenance and repair work on the Jane Way Canal in the Jane Way/Elizabeth Lane area bordering the Beaufort Middle School sports fields.

“Work is beginning, and we are diligently working with the various state and federal regulatory agencies to move the overall project through the permitting process” Pugliese said. “This grant will go a long way in increasing our financial resources available for the basin 1 project.”

Citizens and concerned parties can learn about the Mossy Oaks project on the City of Beaufort Website under public works draining projects or by following this link:

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