Lakeshia Mcmillon, a 4th Grade teacher at Broad River Elementary School, said she was “looking forward to interacting more with my students. I am also excited to have a new Chinese Immersion teacher.”

Starting all over again


Staff reports / Photos courtesy of BCSD

When Beaufort County School District students made their way to school and to their classrooms to open the 2022-23 academic year on Monday, they were concluding a process as much as they were starting one. For weeks, BCSD administrators, staff, and most of all teachers, had been preparing for this day, and subsequently this year.

Kindergarten teacher Amy Cook, left, and assistant Carrie Marks , right, share a classroom at at Coosa Elementary. “The classroom is extra special to me,” Cook said. “My children are grown and have careers of their own, but they spent many hours with me in this classroom when they were growing up. So, I enjoy spending extra time setting it up. I love seeing the joy and excitement on the little faces when they come into our classroom. They are sometimes scared in the beginning and it warms my heart to see them smile. We spend our time in the classroom singing, dancing, learning, laughing, and enjoying each other. We have fun. Plus, I get to do this with a wonderful friend. Together, we grow big hearts and minds.”
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