St. Helena Elementary is back to school

By Josette Grimsley

The Island News visited St. Helena Elementary on the first day of school on the Accelerated Learning Calendar last Thursday. We followed Principal Kay Keeler as she greeted classes, rewarded good behavior, and passed out schedules to her teachers. This is the third year for their STEMS program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ) and the very effective PBIS program (Positive Behavior  Intervention and Support).  This year’s goal is to accelerate every child 1.5 years in reading and math skills.

As we were leaving, students were going into a leadership meeting, and the Dataw volunteers were arriving to help. Mrs. Keeler said teachers actually rode the bus routes in their inservice to prepare for the return to school.  Thank you, St. Helena, for a fun visit. Everyone was so polite and well-disciplined!

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