South Carolina taxpayers reminded to enroll in ProtectMyID program

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The March 31, 2013 deadline to enroll with Experian’s ProtectMyID credit monitoring service is fast approaching and the SC Department of Revenue (DOR) is reminding taxpayers to sign up either online or by phone for the one-year, free service.

Individuals who have not already enrolled with ProtectMyID are urged to do so before the March 31 deadline by visiting and entering the code “SCDOR123” or by calling 1-866-578-5422, if you do not have internet access. “We encourage consumers to take advantage of all of the free tools available to mitigate the effects of the DOR breach,” said Carrie Grube Lybarker, Administrator of the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.

ProtectMyID is designed to detect, protect and resolve potential identity theft, and includes daily monitoring of all three credit bureaus. With the complimentary one-year enrollment, individuals will be alerted to any changes to his or her credit file, and will also have access to fraud resolution agents beyond the enrollment period.

For more information on protecting yourself against identity theft, visit the Department of Consumer Affair’s website at or call 1-800-922-1594. Information related to the security breach can be found on DOR’s website at