So many thanks

By Pamela Brownstein

While our columnist Cherimie may shun the public display of thankfulness, I want everyone to know what I am thankful for, lest someone suspects me of being ungrateful. (These are in no particular order.)

1. Tylenol

2. Book Club

3. Wolfe. I am so thankful to have a healthy, happy, sweet 10-month-old boy; every time I see his little face my heart fills with joy.

4. The Avett Brothers

5. Facebook (how else would I be able to show friends and family from far away how ridiculously cute my baby is?)

6. The patient and caring staff at Hobbit Hill day care.

7. Apple products. I don’t have an iPhone but I just got an iPad, and as a designer I love the big screen on my desktop Mac.

8. Those who work to preserve the character, natural beauty and historical significance of Beaufort and the sea islands.

9. Texting (I’ll admit that often it is my favored method of communication: Not while driving, of course!)

10. South Park. Seriously, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are genius, and not a day goes by that I don’t make at least one reference to the show. (I’ve been watching it for more than 10 years!)

11. Disposable diapers

12. Kim and Elizabeth Harding (not just because they’re my bosses!) They are two kind, hard working, funny women who have been so helpful and understanding to me with the baby, and their trust in me means more than anything.

13. Our family. Sure, they’re crazy, but my husband and I are very grateful to have such supportive parents, siblings and relatives, especially now that Wolfe is part of the equation. (Although sometimes I’m also thankful that I live many states away from them. I guess it’s a love-hate relationship.)

14. NPR

15. Sunday Night HBO

16. Lunch Bunch. Or more specifically, all the restaurants that invite us to sample their amazing food.

17. White wine.

18. Elected officials. I am thankful that the election is over, and now our politicians need to restore voter confidence by working across party lines to craft meaningful legislation.

19. All of our loyal readers whose positive feedback and contributions have made The Island News what it is today — a quality publication devoted to bringing the community hyper local news.

20. And finally, I am so thankful to my husband and best friend, Daniel. I can’t imagine my life without him. I have so much respect for moms who are raising children on their own because I don’t know what I would do without his help when it comes to taking care of Wolfe. He is such an attentive, devoted dad who works so hard for our family. After six years together, I can truly say I love him now more than ever.

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