Small but energetic March for Change visits St. Helena

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By Mike McCombs
Photo by Bob Sofaly

For the third time in as many weeks, there was a march in Beaufort, this time on St. Helena Island.

Around 150 people took part in the March for Change from St. Helena Elementary to Penn Center on Saturday morning before hearing speakers and mentoring the 30-40 youth in attendance.

“I think it went well,” organizer Raymond Wilson said. “It didn’t have the turnout I expected, but I think the virus had a lot to do with it. A lot of people called me at the last minute, a little scared.

“But everyone that was there was full of energy and was happy.”

After the marchers reached Penn Center about 10:15 a.m., there were several speakers before there was food for lunch. And then the youth who were present were split among several mentors.

“The program was great. The kids just didn’t come out,” Wilson said. “I guess the parents just didn’t bring them out. But the ones that were there, they didn’t mind working, so it was good. We cooked, we ate, we worked, it was good.”

Despite a smaller turnout, Wilson was happy with the result.

“I just love people,” Wilson said. “It doesn’t matter what color they are. In the end, I was just glad we could help someone.”

Above: About 150 people took part in Saturday’s March For Change from St. Helena Elementary School to Penn Center. Organizers said the march was about mentoring black youth. The event was completely peaceful.