Sister Judy , Principal of St. Peter’s, Celebrates a Birthday!

By Josette Grimsley
St. Peter’s Catholic School on Lady’s Island has had “an extreme makeover,” according to its brand-new principal, Sister Judy.  She can’t wait to see her students’ faces  on August 15th, as they are greeted by a more inviting entrance, repainted walls, and lovely murals throughout the buildings. And they’ll all get new t-shirts!

St. Peter’s is going to be 20 years old this year, so every month on the 20th, students will be able to wear their birthday t-shirts which will proclaim “I’m 20 years old… Building a Foundation for Life.”

Sister Judy Therese Holler, SSCM,  replaces Mr. Chris Trott, who had taken a position at the superintendent of Savannah’s Catholic schools. She came to us from Blessed Sacrament School in the West Ashley area of Charleston. She has also taught  at St. Gregory’s in Bluffton, where her religious community is located, along with their dog, “Sassy.”  She has Masters Degrees in Reading and Administration from UVA and Dayton University, with her undergraduate degree from Longwood College. The Mother House of her order, the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius, is in Pennsylvania.
Sister Judy has been amazed by the volunteer efforts and financial contributions to enable her to open her school, from her fisherman’s nets filled with dollars (St. Peter was a fisherman!) and the help from parents and local Marines. Volunteers from as far as Charleston have shown up with paint and brushes.
Some of the new innovations for this year include: Promethian interactive boards for all grade levels, a portable lab of 20 laptops in addition to the two tech lans and computers in the library, an exciting lunch program by Ms. Nora, and the addition of a 3 year old to kindergarten program.   In order for the future high school to open, in 10 years, the 3 year olds will be prepared for grades 7 and 8.   There is also an extended day program after school for all grades this year.
Sister Judy says that St. Peter’s is serving a very diverse student body with the military community’s contribution.. The school welcomes children from all faiths, and strives to fulfill the needs of all families spiritually and educationally.  For more information on enrollment, call 522-2163
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