School district gets to do spring cleaning

1 min read

By Bob Sofaly

Beaufort County Schools are taking advantage of the recent school closing to do a “deep clean” on all classrooms, offices and athletic rooms. Everything is being sanitized.

The schools adopt a hospital level approach to cleaning classrooms every day. But now, while the students are out, is a good time to really clean everything.

Beaufort High School has already started the cleaning – a process that nobody is really sure how long will take, according to Kevin Wagner, regional manager of ABM Industries, the contractor for the cleaning.

Wagner said he and his 10 employes “will clean every desk, top to bottom, inside and out” with a heavy duty sanitizer, one that kills bacteria and viruses in one minute.

“Then we wipe it all down with industrial strength wipes.” Wagner said when the process is complete, the schools will be the safest buildings in which to be.

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