Salvation Army food giveaway turns no one away

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Story and photos by Bob Sofaly

In a warm but shady parking lot on North Street last week, a few staff members of the Salvation Army of the Lowcountry teamed up to give away more than 16,000 pounds of fresh local produce and dry goods to local families with no strings attached.

The food was there for anyone who needed it and free of charge.

Social Service Director Jennifer Bustamante of the Salvation Army said they had eight pallets of fresh food and 200 boxes of assorted dry goods to give away to anyone who needed it, regardless of social status or how big their family was.

“We served about 175 families so far,” she said, mid-day Tuesday. “I suspect we’ll be out of food by the end of the day.”

Jennifer Bustamante, right, and Cynthia Jenkins of the Salvation Army load fresh groceries into the trunk of a car Tuesday, May 18, at the Salvation Army facility on North Street. Bustamante said by mid-day, 175 families had been served. “We’ll stop giving away food when we run out,” she said.

There were no stipulations, no list or restrictions. Just show up with a picture I.D.

“All walks of life came through today,” Bustamante said.

Some were regular clients. Others were neighbors living on North Street. Still others were simply people who had heard of the giveaway and were curious.

Bustamante said, “We’re trying to do the most good by delivering hope, serving one (person) at a time.”

Top photo: The Beaufort Salvation Army staff members gave away more than 16,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and dry goods recently at its North Street facility. Pictured here from left are Dianne Schaffer, Capt. Wendy Long, Jennifer Bustamante and Cynthia Jenkins.