Road trip!

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By Dr. Parker T. Barker

Do you know what it means when school is out? Vacations, that’s what! But before you get all excited, I want to remind all the Mom’s and Dad’s out there about some basic “good practices” they should be aware of.

PETS - TRAVEL 2The first obvious question is whether you plan on taking us with you. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want us to come with you to East Sandusky, but I know that sometimes it just isn’t a good idea. Like the time I went to Aunt Ethel’s birthday party. I didn’t know the cake was for everybody…sheeesh.

So if we aren’t going to go with you, who is going to take care of us? I personally like to go to Shelly’s house where I can play on the sofa and run around her big fenced yard. She is a “dog sitter” but she hasn’t ever sat on me so I’m not sure what that means. Sometimes Mom has found somebody to come and stay at our house when they are away. That is like having a friend come for a sleepover. It’s lots of fun and no stress for me because I have everything that is familiar around me.

My friend, Harley likes to go to a kennel where he can just hang out all day and chill. When choosing a kennel, my furry friends have found the difference between a good kennel and a super-duper off the charts great kennel is… wait for it…..that they let you go out and pee around 10 or 11 at night. Boy does that make a difference. Otherwise, the kennel people take off around 6 p.m. and don’t come back until maybe 8 a.m. the next morning. Seriously, does that sound like a good idea? And people wonder why kennels stress some of us out so much.

PETS - TRAVEL 3Now, if you do decide to take us with you, think about doing some serious planning ahead of time. Like making sure wherever we are going to stay actually wants us. Aunt Ethel might be in the “not in my house” category but some hotels and inns are “pet friendly”. But, just because a Hilton in Cleveland takes pets, doesn’t mean a Hilton in San Jose will take us as well. Call and make sure. Personally, you can leave San Jose off the list in general.

It is also a good idea to have a vet check me out before we go just to make sure I’m not coming down with the flu or anything. Also, bring my bed, favorite toys, and don’t forget my medicine if I’m on any. And then there are my medical records, my health certificate and rabies vaccination, too. If for some unimaginable reason a policeman happened to stop Dad, he might ask to see those papers and if you don’t have them, we could all end up in the pokey. Now, that would be some vacation to tell the gang about!

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Dr. Parker T. Barker received his doctorate in Squirrel Chasing and Hoovering from the University of Hartford, CT Rescue Center. He lives on Lady’s Island with his sister, Peanut and their great Mom. Prof. Percy Pussycat is a trained animal behaviourist and received his degree from the Canine and Cat Institute in London. He lives in Shell Point with his brother, Harley and devoted human family.

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