Riverview Charter School Board names Bechtold permanent Director

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From staff reports 

The Riverview Charter School Board of Directors announced Thursday, Nov. 18, that Robert Bechtold has been named permanent Director of Riverview Charter School. 

Bechtold, of St. Helena Island, will continue his tenure at Riverview Charter School as the Director of the 700-student school following Thursday’s action by the Board of Directors. 

“The team around Mr. Bechtold has made this possible. Riverview has an amazing community and they have supported Mr. Bechtold from Day 1. Today, the Board acknowledged the support he has, his l e a d e r s h ip ability, and his passion for Riverview by naming him the permane n t director of the school.” Riverview Charter School’s Board of Directors Chair Reece Bertholf said in a release. 

Bechtold came to Riverview on April 19, when selected as the Interim Director. Since April, Bechtold’s realigned the organizational structure of the school, made several appointments to the Leadership Team, and successfully navigated the delta variant spike of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“I am incredibly humbled to be asked to remain a part of Riverview,” Bechtold said. “Thank you to my family who has supported me at every turn. Thank you to the entirety of the Riverview family who have embraced me from the moment I arrived on campus. Special thank you to the Founders of Riverview – Mallory Baches, AnnMarie Bowden, Mary Foster, Jody Hayward, Geri Kinton, and Alison Thomas – ho came together to create a community that I am so grateful to be a part of. I intend to keep your vision alive in the fullest.” 

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