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By Jennifer Ross

Although Thursdays may not typically be the most common time for fun get-togethers, a couple of weeks ago this Ross household actually had two opportunities present themselves.

First, Jennifer Ross “Body” decided to have virus come over bringing fever, aches, and chills as courting gifts. Quite a display! Shortly after, Jennifer Ross “Spirit” received an invite out from Nature to go to the beach. However, Jennifer Ross “Body” was throwing such a pity party in the house that the couch seemed pretty enticing. Then it hit me…that I blessedly couldn’t even remember the last time I had been sick, and that this was NOTHING compared to what my daddy wore a happy face through with his cancer. So I grabbed my flip-flops (casual date), ditched the party, and headed out the door.

Jennifer Ross
Jennifer Ross

It was 10:15 at night, and as I crossed the street to the beach path, the darkness enveloped me like walking into a dimmed theater. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed the moon acting as my usher and lighting the boardwalk leading to my seat. The forgiving sand acts as the perfect cushion beneath me, and the warm balmy breeze off the ocean wraps around me like the gentle arms of a lover. Looking off in the distance, I see a stage crew of four fishing boats lightly illuminating the ocean surface to set the tone. The serenade of crickets in the dunes behind me, and the crashing waves ahead supply the most beautiful surround sound symphony. Then as I looked up, the few clouds in the sky parted like a curtain to reveal a canopy of brilliant twinkling lights — the stars of the show.

The salt in the air, combined with the salt in my tears of gratitude, washed away any aches and pains in both body and spirit, causing me to hop up and give a standing ovation to the universe: Laughing and clapping, what a show! Before I turned to leave, the white tip of the tide rushed up to kiss my toes goodbye — every date should be so good.

Now, I’m a fairly recent addition to the Lowcountry, so it’s very easy for me to be in awe of the style of beauty here that wasn’t readily available in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, Nature calls to you no matter where you may be, in its own unique way.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good glass of vino like the next person, and it’s not like I’ve never comforted my woes with a pint of gelato (Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Pie? Oh yes!) or a plate of nachos (with guac please). But these days I relish in those things for simple enjoyment and allow the offer of healing from Nature to soothe my inner aches and angst.

It doesn’t take a grandiose show like I attended for Nature to cure what ails you. Studies show that simply living around a green area promotes health and reduces stress, so being out and immersing yourself in it is icing on the cake. And with this oasis we all are blessed to reside in, Nature’s help is just around every corner! While a trip to the beach is always grand, relaxing on your favorite park bench, strolling down one of the many oak-lined streets, or sitting by your local dock to smell the marshy water will all do the trick.

So when you get asked out by Nature, I highly recommend saying “Yes,” it is a relationship worth forming!

Jennifer Ross loves to create harmony within ALL of the homes of her clients — both body & house — through her Omm At Home teachings and services. She can be reached at ommhealer@gmail.com.

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