Return of the Reiki Clinic

By Chris Suddeth

Reiki clinic is returning quarterly in 2015 to Lady’s Island. This lovely holistic offering is a form of energy work that hales from Japan and is translated as Spirit-Guided Life-Force Energy.

I am honored and excited to be part of the Reiki Community sharing this offering. I first heard about the clinics during my Reiki infancy way back in 2009. Those blessed clinics molded the intuitive healer that I am today. We cannot heal until first healing ourselves. Those clinics formed the bonds of friendship and basis for healing that I am the beneficiary of today. The Reiki clinics gave many their first taste of energy healing and quite possibly the first transpersonal experiences of their lives. Then they faded away a few years ago as we ceded to the natural ebb and flow of life.

Now, thanks to the insight of Reiki Master Ashana Jones, the Reiki community is bringing back this lovely offering of healing and fellowship.

Reiki’s roots found fertile ground in Japan in the late 19th century. Reiki’s intelligent energy is now rooted in the sandy soil of Beaufort and growing along with the live oaks that bless our neck of the woods. Reiki, along with other forms of holistic healing, promises to make Beaufort the Lowcountry Asheville, NC in the near future. This was evidenced by the strong turn-out for Therafest this past October.

Reiki’s benefits include, but are not limited to, deep relaxation, accelerating the body’s natural healing ability, increasing mental focus, emotional releases, and even spiritual revelations. Granted, most won’t feel the pull to go on to put their hot healing hands on people other than loved ones, but Reiki is so much more. Reiki is the path to whole self-care that attracts many due to its relative simplicity to employ into everyday life once attuned. In its simplicity lies its beauty to empower individuals to cope with the curve balls, fast balls, and flop shots of life. It’s a life changer that produces results even after just one short session with a practitioner.

Reiki’s energy is unique in the energy work world in that, not only can it be shared as is the intention of the Lady’s Island Quarterly Reiki Clinic, but it can also be passed on by a properly trained Reiki Master you feel drawn to. Once this intelligent energy is “passed on” or attuned into the recipient, it’s theirs to do as little or as much with as they see fit.

Come experience this soothing energy in the locally available tool chest of holistic living. The Lady’s Island Reiki Clinic will be held at 9B Rue Du Bois quarterly beginning on January 25 from 3 p.m.-5 p.m.

Additional dates are April 25, July 26, and Oct. 25. Contact Ashana Jones 843-263-3148 or Chris (Sutty) Suddeth 843-263-2397 for more information. Donations are accepted and appreciated but not expected.

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